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How We Started


New Life Global Pte Ltd was incorporated in 2014 with its headquarters and manufacturing facility in Singapore. Our company’s core business is in the manufacturing, distributing and retailing of our own brand of hair loss products, hair+ lab. Our philosophy is focused on brand development and research technology. Combining Eastern and Western expertise, we aim to be a global pioneer in hair growth solutions. Studies have shown a strong correlation between hair loss and low self-esteem. As a result, many people are looking for simple and effective treatments for their hair loss problems. Recognising this gap in the market, and powered by a genuine passion to help people rebuild their confidence, we created hair+ lab. From research and product development to manufacturing and distribution, we are committed to helping our customers in restoring healthy hair growth. We have invested heavily in research and product development, premium ingredients, manpower and financial resources to develop hair+ lab. We spent many years researching the best solution to develop effective, safe and simple-to-use products that will help people with hair loss problems.


hair+ lab is formulated with 100% premium Chinese herbal extracts using Korean extraction technology and cutting-edge German nanotechnology. Our advanced low-temperature Korean extraction technology is highly efficient in separating raw material components. Being non-toxic, it is also known as an environment-friendly biological separation technology. This results in hair loss products which are high in ingredient purity and free of contaminants. Moreover, the technology preserves active product ingredients so they will not break down. Additionally, we use German nanotechnology, an applied science of the control of substances on the atomic and molecular scale to develop products with greater efficiency, efficacy, and high permeability quality. Thus, our products are able to penetrate deeply into the scalp to nourish the hair follicles and activate hair growth. hair+ lab has been clinically tested by a large number of global consumers from different age groups to ensure product safety and suitability. We believe in letting results speak for itself. What motivates us most is seeing hair+ lab help rebuild the confidence of each and every one of our customers.


Our Slogan

Better Hair Better Life

Our Vision

Let us guard your scalp health.